Simple Gestures Make A Big Impact – The Power Of Thank You

There can be a million excuses why managers do not say “Thank You”, recognize a good deed, or an accomplishment. These are missed opportunities to show appreciation.  Simple gestures of employee recognition within your organization are powerful.  As Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group stated, “I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people flourish when they are praised.”

Gestures of Appreciation

As managers we communicate with our employees on a routine basis. Typically, those communications are restricted to directives or action plans regarding work to be completed. We get so busy concentrating on the work at hand that we can be ignoring our most valuable capital, our staff. We often fail to make the time to provide simple acts of employee recognition.

A personal message of recognition from a manager sets the tone for how the employee is viewed and valued by the organization.  It communicates that you are paying attention to them, their work, and their contributions. This touch point may come in many forms and is best when it is consistent with your leadership style. It could be a thank you voice mail left after hours. A handwritten note of recognition may be more appropriate. Small gift cards such as from a local coffee house are well received.

Individual recognition need not be a costly investment, but may be incredibly profitable in building employee loyalty. This interaction should not be limited to entry level employees. Expressed gratitude to senior management is just as important and powerful.

The recognition in certain situations may be public. This can be during a meeting or incorporated in an employee newsletter other company communication. The recognition of the individual and their accomplishment is important for enhancing the relationship. The interaction should be authentic and sincere.

Build A Culture of Recognition

Small gestures of recognition and gratitude embedded in your culture can be contagious! Remember that these genuine grateful gestures or actions are strong examples of the behavior you wish to teach all of your staff. Kindness, appreciation and gratitude are valued by all Managers, Employees and Clients. It is Time To Pay It Forward!