Home & Away

Tailored Talent is dedicated to our mission of making a difference locally and globally as we seek and serve ways to enrich others by giving back our time and resources. This vision aligns with the endeavors of our TT Team far beyond our desks. As a child advocate and sponsor, TT’s Leader of Marketing, Carlene…

Sneakers Required

In the spirit of making a difference not just for our clients, candidates, and colleagues, but equally in our communities as well, Tailored Talent is committed to hands on community outreach in supporting local nonprofits truly striving to give back. In support of Cincinnati’s own, TT’s founder Sally Stacy recently attended The Cincinnati Sneaker Ball…

All for the Kids

With a zeal for our ongoing mission to support our local youth, our community, and the arts, Tailored Talent gathered our team on January 18, 2018, for Cincinnati’s School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) Night of Art and Music. A K-12 Cincinnati Public School, SCPA offers pre-professional arts training and advanced college preparatory academics….