Creating Positive Experiences for
Outplacement Transitions

The Challenge

A local firm determined they required special urgent assistance to effectively manage their organizational business restructuring project. This restructuring initiative was designed to improve the overall performance of the firm and to accomplish their goals, several key positions were identified as no longer required. Eliminating these positions and respectfully managing the impacted employees in these roles was a key objective. The firm engaged Tailored Talent and created a partnership to support the departing employees with Outplacement Assistance. This strategic partnership allowed Management to focus on future business strategies propelling the firm forward with the full assurance that their departing employees would receive support and assistance as they ventured down a new career path.


Tailored Talent’s Outplacement Assistance provided the tools and techniques required to maximize and manage each impacted employee’s new job search along with personal professional support. Tailored Talent immediately assisted individuals as they began the career transition process with the valuable resources their firm provided them through Tailored Talent’s Outplacement Assistance Program.

Our Career Consultant’s support for each employee began directly after each employee was advised of the separation action by the business. During each initial individual employee meeting, an overview of the Outplacement Program was shared and immediate and future steps were designed to position each employee positively for the challenging and exciting journey ahead.

Tailored Talent’s Outplacement Assistance Program included resume building and refining, identifying career opportunities with matching skills, proactive networking, selecting references, researching various companies, managing the application process, communicating effectively, preparing for interviews and assisting in the offer process. The personalized support model facilitated the multiple action steps each individual utilized as they prepared for their next employment success with confidence. Transitioning through the loss of a job can often be strenuous and overwhelming. Our Career Consultants are uniquely trained to manage some of life’s more challenging phases. We provided career transition expertise in a sensitive and caring manner and tailored our approach to the specific needs of each individual and their future career aspirations.


As each employee worked through the steps for planning their new career transition process, the Tailored Talent Career Consultant was there every step of the way. In just a few weeks after each employee began their job search, all individuals received an employment offer. Several individuals even received multiple job offers. Tailored Talent supported each individual through the offer negotiation and the offer acceptance process.

Our client and their departing transitional employees benefited by their partnership with Tailored Talent. Each impacted employee secured a new position using the tools and techniques of the Outplacement Assistance Program. The firm valued their ability to remain focused, continuing to manage their business restructuring while demonstrating their commitment to these employees during times of change.

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