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The Challenge

A top 30 year old regional Industrial Distributor needed a strong leader for their Sales Organization. Additionally, their goal identified this role to also run the organization so the owner could begin phasing into retirement. Typically, this organization did their own hiring and past results were moderately successful. In this situation, the challenge was finding qualified talent to fill this key position for immediate and future success. Initially the company was resistant to leveraging an external search firm. Yet, it became increasingly evident they needed support so they engaged a local search firm. With the help of the local search firm, the company identified and hired an individual for their key position. Unfortunately, within just 60 days of hire, both the company and the individual mutually determined it was not a good fit leading to the resignation of the new hire. After 120 days and still nothing to show for their efforts, not to mentioned being discouraged and extremely skeptical of the executive search process, the company was still in need of finding and acquiring a strong talent. The company then engaged Tailored Talent to help them fill this key position.


Tailored Talent recognized the sense of urgency the company felt to fill this position and the sensitivity to their prior discouraging experience and immediately went into action taking the following steps:

  • Worked in partnership with the Company to define key requirements critical for the candidate to be successful both in the position as well as within the company.
  • Widened the sourcing channels to build and expand the talent pool.
  • Designed processes and tools to comprehensively assess the candidates against the critical requirements early in the process.
  • Offered high touch candidate nurturing throughout the process to keep the strong candidates engaged and interested.
  • Provided top candidates with a realistic perspective of the job and company to help promote a successful career transition.


Tailored Talent successfully leveraged our experience, knowledge and ideas to move quickly and focused on delivering the results the business needed. Our efforts filled the position within 30 days with a strong industry talent. The position was also filled with a local talent and as a result, no relocation was required which reduced cost and time between offer extended and start date. The individual continues to be successfully working at the company today and the next time the Company had an opening for a key position they again reached out to Tailored Talent for support.

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