Tailored-to-Fit Strategic HR Consulting Success

The Challenge

A well-regarded Non-profit Foundation with over 25 years of service supporting the unique needs of children was prepared to receive a substantial injection of financial capital targeted to dramatically increase the results of the Foundation’s Mission. The Leadership of the Foundation developed a business plan to build the organizational structure by initially doubling the Foundation’s Team and aligning the team-members to strategically impact the Foundation’s Mission. As a result of this forecasted plan, it was identified and required to fundamentally change their infrastructure to support the growing business with a strong emphasis on people components including; recruiting and hiring, new hire orientation, compensation strategy, performance management and succession planning. The Foundation’s Leaders knew there was a great deal to be completed but did not know where to start. That’s when they engaged with Tailored Talent.


Tailored Talent provided the framework in which the Foundation could dimension all of the tasks needed to ensure they were ready for their new organizational model. Tailored Talent conducted an extensive discovery process with the leadership team to comprehensively identify the key components to be completed, dimension timelines and then prioritize each area. With the results of the discovery process shared and proposal presented to manage the work, Tailored Talent was immediately engaged to tackle the two most immediate needs; the creation of a Compensation Philosophy and Salary Administration Guidelines and the creation of a Performance Management Philosophy and Program.

The Consulting Team quickly assessed current programs and met with key stakeholders to gain insight into the direction the Foundation envisioned in these two areas. Tailored Talent gathered the additional data of financial metrics so that design of the new Philosophies and Programs would align with the fiscal operating model. Based on all of the key information and business requirements, Tailored Talent successfully prepared the two comprehensive programs; Compensation Philosophy and Salary Administration Guidelines and Performance Management that were strategically aligned with the Mission of the Foundation.


In conjunction with The Foundation’s Leadership, Tailored Talent led efforts to identify critical areas of need as well as prioritize timing of focus. Subsequently, Tailored Talent was asked to drive the creation of the first two initiatives – Design of a new Performance Management System and creating a new Compensation Philosophy/Operating Model. Once these new systems were created, Tailored Talent supported the Foundation Leadership as they introduced and launched these new programs to the workforce. With the implementation of these new initiatives, Tailored Talent supported managing the change process resulting in these programs being well received by both Managers and Employees.

Today, these programs have become an integral part of the overall culture of the organization and are embedded as core disciplines. These efforts have also resulted in improved employee engagement and overall satisfaction. The Foundation continues to leverage Tailored Talent as a resource for strategic support as the initial programs were deemed a success and positioned the organization to move forward.

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