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How deep is your talent bench

How Deep Is The Bench In Your Organization?

The NFL Draft every year identifies the top talent available for consideration. Much like a manager vies for their top talent in the marketplace, the NFL teams select their recruits. After arriving at the team headquarters the young, inexperienced players are not left to their own devices. Instead a regimented program introduces them to the…

A Remote Workforce Is Not The Future – It’s the Present

Remote working not just a fad, is it part of mainstream employment and workforce planning globally.  In our digitally connected world, remote workers are considered valuable talent that is available now, regardless of geographic constraints.  Twenty years ago, that was not the case as employers were cautiously entering this unknown employment space.  Flexible work schedules…

Cost of Employee Turnover

Employee Turnover – Financial and Emotional Costs Are Substantial

Employee turnover negatively impacts every company, regardless of the size of the business.  Employee turnover is costly, but how can you estimate the cost for your business?  This is a difficult question.  Even the experts disagree on specific metrics or how to quantify the implications of turnover.   It is important to consider both the financial and emotional impact of turnover.  Then, you…