Scalable Talent Acquisition Model
Delivers Maximum Impact

The Challenge

A best-in-industry privately owned Pharmaceutical Company was experiencing a period of unprecedented growth and there was an essential need to increase the size of their workforce with an emphasis on expansion of the Sales Team nationwide. The company had a very strong internal talent acquisition team, but given the timing and volume, there was no way humanly possible the team could provide the support required to hire in such a short time frame. Initially, the company leveraged executive search firms to help build their sales force. This strategy was not without merit, as it yielded a significant number of strong employees. Yet, leveraging this approach exclusively was extremely costly. The company also discovered that while they had several strong executive search partners, there were some firms in the mix that were simply not strong partners. They needed to not only ramp up, but ramp up fast, efficiently and effectively to acquire best-in-class talent and ensure just the right fit.


Tailored Talent designed a solution that provided technology enabled and scalable recruiting support that complemented the strength and organizational experience of the Internal Talent Acquisition Team. We supported efforts to streamline and refine the company’s recruiting process. While developing new sourcing channels to build Talent Pipelines to support client growth initiatives, we helped oversee the search agency partnerships for our client and provided candidates with a realistic overview of the Company and position expectations to avoid surprises and reduce early turnover. Tailored Talent worked in collaboration with Hiring Managers to create a comprehensive toolkit to enhance consistency and quality of hire at the National level and provided training; sharing industry best practices with Hiring Managers and their Internal Talent Acquisition Team.


Our Tailored Talent Solution greatly improved the overall recruiting process. By incorporating best practices nationally we established process consistency and at the same time achieved high levels of satisfaction among Hiring Managers, the Internal Talent Acquisition Team and Candidates. We demonstrated our customized ability to adjust our levels of support based on real time hiring volumes and our pivotal role decreased the company’s reliance on search firms resulting in reduced cost of hiring. Additionally, our enhanced focus on candidate touch and frequent communications provided by Tailored Talent reduced time to fill and enhanced the candidate experience. Likewise, Hiring Managers were able to eliminate the amount of time they had previously spent on non-value add hiring efforts.

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