Talent Reinforcement

We Work Alongside Your Team

Our Talent Reinforcement Solutions complement your internal recruiting and people processes and are tailored to your individual business needs. We provide you with the resources and tools when and where you need it most.

Tailored Talent Can Help…

When You Need Skilled Resources to Supplement Your HR and Recruiting Team...

Our professionals at Tailored Talent are a team of experts that can complement your internal team. We provide scalable, flexible resources that offer tactical and/or strategic support for your fluctuating recruiting and HR needs. Tailored Talent resources can immediately offer support in the following areas:

  • Specific Need Staffing
  • High Volume Staffing
  • Internal Assessments
  • Training and Coaching
  • Employee Engagement
  • Exit Interview Processes
  • Record Keeping and Compliance
  • Employee Relations Support
  • Onboarding and New Hire Orientation

When You Need Experts to Help Take Your HR and Recruitment Team to the Next Level...

Tailored Talent’s best in industry team partners with our clients to customize solutions and provide the necessary resources required to coach your team and also supply resources to help you drive your initiatives to completion. Some of the offerings include:

  • Enhance or implement your people tools and systems to ensure they are effectively utilized in order to improve performance and productivity.
  • Develop or re-engineer your people processes to ensure they complement your organizational culture and drive business results.
  • Create or restructure workforce management routines, succession planning efforts, compensation and performance management programs.
  • Strengthen and upskill your internal HR and Recruitment Team through targeted coaching and training.
  • Design or revise employee policies and handbook to ensure compliance.

When You Need Strategic HR and Talent Programs Quickly to Support Business Objectives...

We support our client's success and growth by also offering an array of customized programs including cultural assessments and employee engagement activities, leadership and manager development, executive coaching, workforce optimization, training and outplacement support. Tailored Talent’s emphasis on immersion, collaboration and a tailored customized approach facilitates a strong partnership with our clients.

We Deliver Strong HR Services

Audrie Ana Gardner

Business Owner/Learn2Thrive

"As an entrepreneur, I have big ideas and as a small business owner, I have more tasks to complete than I have time to complete them. Tailored Talent has come alongside me and helped me dream responsibly and set up my HR. I don’t have to go out and get an HR degree to lead my small business. I just let Tailored Talent do what they do best so I can focus on doing what I do best!"

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