Tailored Consulting

We Partner With Your Team

Our Team’s expertise drives our passion to serve as a consulting resource helping our clients dimension and tackle their people challenges. We offer Tailored-to-fit consulting in all areas of HR and Recruitment. From organizational design, workforce planning, performance management, executive coaching, succession planning, talent pool development, candidate engagement and talent acquisition we leverage our proven and trusted capabilities to work for you.

Our Approach

We Tailor people strategies that accelerate business outcomes utilizing the following comprehensive method:


We leverage our experience and extensive tools to facilitate discussions as we seek to discover and uncover areas of opportunity and need.


Once root issues have been identified, we collaborate with our client to design a solution tailored to their unique business needs and culture. We create a tailored road map of actions and milestones.


We help ensure the change management process is managed effectively, the solution is implemented within the established timeframe, and the transition to the desired state is successful.

We Deliver Successful Outplacement Experiences

Nick Reed Smith

Outplacement Client

"This job offer is because of you! You have changed my life! My entire outlook on job searching has shifted thanks to Tailored Talent!"