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The Challenge

When a new Theme Park was in the final stages of construction and an opening date established, the business leaders engaged Tailored Talent to manage the critical process of selecting and hiring the initial team of 500 employees. This large scale hiring effort was required to ensure that the Theme Park was prepared with an engaged and fully trained workforce when guests were welcomed on the Grand Opening. Tailored Talent was selected as the strategic partner to lead this effort because of our expert people, service-oriented methodologies and our ability to create “tailored to fit” solutions that were of critical importance to this organization.


The Tailored Talent Team dimensioned and implemented an all-encompassing recruitment program with timelines established to ensure all employees were hired and fully trained prior to the Grand Opening. This hiring initiative encompassed several key components including the selection of an applicant tracking tool that was fully integrated into the business website, creating a marketing campaign for recruitment of talent, defining each position and identifying duties and responsibilities, training management on the unique interview and selection process and managing all on-boarding and hiring tasks.


Tailored Talent designed and implemented a solution that resulted in the Parks successful hiring of over 500 highly motivated and engaged employees for their Grand Opening in a span of two months. The on-going recruiting and selection process designed by Tailored Talent for future hires was then transitioned to the Park Management as originally planned and embedded into the core HR processes. The overall results of Tailored Talent’s Enterprise hiring solution was highly valued by the Theme Park and a consultative relationship was established and remains on-going today to ensure all components of the recruitment process are successfully managed by the business.

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