Employee Caring In A World Of Social Distancing – Outplacement Support

Global Pandemic Impacts All Workers

Daily we learn new information and statistics about the Pandemic that has cruelly touched our planet. We have all changed our standard work and family routines trying to minimize the impact of the virus on others. If you are a business leader you may be responsible for making changes to ensure your business survives. A workforce reduction may be required to save as many jobs as possible. Laying off workers is tough, but if a workforce reduction cannot be avoided, consider supporting employees with Outplacement. 

Social Caring In A World Of Social Distancing

Outplacement services can be provided in several different ways from career transition workshops to individual counseling. It provides departing employees with practical and unbiased support as they navigate the process of seeking a new job. With Outplacement support, the employees may more quickly secure a position that is an excellent match for their skills.  

Outplacement support sends a powerful message to all laid-off employees that the company cares about them, their future, and their well-being. Additionally, the employees who remain “the survivors” will be comforted knowing their co-workers received special assistance during this most difficult time.  

According to Forbes your employees and ex-employees are your best public relations. How a company handles its employees who leave can be one of the most critical “press releases.”

Leading The Way

The road to recovery for businesses will continue to be challenging with obstacles along the way. Leaders who adapt to changing circumstances and demonstrate respect for their employees may reach their destination sooner. Outplacement support provides benefits to employees and allows leaders to focus on the future to move the business forward.