Is Remote Work For You? You Be The Judge

Are you contemplating a change from an on-site work environment to remote work?  If so, you will want to evaluate if remote work is a good fit for you personally, your professional skills, and your work preferences. It is great for some but can be disastrous for others.

Remote work has various names: flex schedule, off-site working, telecommuting, or home office. It can be a full-time commitment or a partial schedule.  Remote work could involve working from your home down the street or across the country.  According to Glass Door, “From healthcare to communications to tech, each industry offers roles that can be executed from the comfort of your own home.”

Remote work has multiple advantages.  It could result in a reduction in commuting time and a decrease in expenses related to working in an office environment (work clothes, commuting, and lunches).  In addition, working remotely allows you to consider positions outside your geographical region. This opens up greater career possibilities without the need to physically relocate.

Assess Ability to Work Remote

Remote work has many advantages, but it is not for everyone. As you consider working remote, ask yourself these questions:

  • Evaluate your professional skills to determine if they are aligned with remote work.
    • Can you stay on task and avoid distractions?
    • Are you results-oriented and focused on goals and deliverables?
    • Do you have reliable time management skills?
    • Are your communication skills effective via multiple channels?
    • Are you skilled at problem-solving? Will you be able to find solutions in areas that may not be your strong suit, such as technology?
  • Evaluate your Work Style Preferences to gauge if they align with working remote.
    • Are you able to work independently?
    • Are you able to complete work assignments with limited physical interaction from others?
    • Are you able to remotely build and develop relationships with managers and peers?
    • Are you able to self-energize?
    • Are you able to manage large tasks or projects with limited input?
    • Are you able to obtain personal satisfaction from completing your work without frequent accolades?
  • Evaluate your Workspace to ensure success.
    • Can your workspace be set up to effectively get your work done?
    • Do you have children at home that would be a distraction?
    • Is there a dog that may need to go to Doggie Daycare?
    • Can the environment be free from interruptions?

You Be the Judge

If your skills and preferences are strongly aligned with the items above, remote working may be a good option. Conversely, if you find your skills and preferences are not aligned, working in an on-site setting might be the best fit. If your responses fall somewhere in between, further reflection may be required before accepting a remote position. Only you can be the judge of what type of working arrangement is best for you. 

The decision is yours…choose wisely.