Gratitude In The Air

Things have been disruptive. How we work has changed. How children learn has changed. Our lives have changed. We all manage isolation and social contact differently. Through this adversity comes a greater awareness of all those that positively impact our lives and are deserving of our gratitude.

Recently, the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds demonstrated gratitude by honoring front line COVID-19 responders and essential workers with formation flights over many US cities. It was an impressive sight for those who witnessed the flyovers and reinforced how fortunate and resilient we are at times of challenge. 

In this time of uncertainty, there are Hero’s who demonstrate bravery and courage. These are the professionals that go to work knowing their jobs present a significant risk. Appreciation and gratitude have been shown in many new ways, from thunderous applause for medical professionals to the local pizza place feeding Fire Fighters. 

Gratitude in Daily Life

Now, it’s time to “reopen.” Going back to work will be different, especially for small businesses that contribute over 30% to the economy. The shut-down has been cruel. Small business owners and their employees are strong, but they need to feel supported.

Take time to show your gratitude for the business friends you have depended on for years. Give thanks to your salon stylist who always fits you into their busy schedule. Show appreciation to the clerk at the hometown deli that knows you like extra pickles. 

Everyone has struggled over the last few months. Giving appreciation and showing gratitude is meaningful and worth the effort. A sincere Thank You goes a long way and can be just as impressive and heartfelt as an aerial flyover.