What Does Your Employee Welcome Mat Look Like?

A well-executed New Employee Orientation communicates a robust welcome to your new hires. Equally as important, it provides a framework for each new hire to gain the knowledge and experiences they will need to be successful in their position.

Early Investment Produces Long Term Results

New Employee Orientation requires your commitment as the Manager. Investing time and energy in new hires has a significant impact on their overall success and satisfaction.  Orientation provides each new employee with the tools, training and contacts that will support them as they begin building skills and value.  An effective orientation for new hires is achieved through an organized and thoughtful plan.

Your New Employee Orientation will have an impact on the early accomplishments of that employee. Barbara O’Toole writes in the balanced careers, “At its best, the process of  orientation solidifies the new employee’s relationship with your organization. It fuels their enthusiasm and guides their steps into a long-term positive relationship with you. It helps you retain the employees that you most want to keep.”

Design Your Employee Orientation With Purpose

Design your New Employee Orientation purposefully. Identify key employees for the new hire to meet, so they are introduced to company culture, policies, and resources.  Make the experience engaging.  Outline key elements of the organization that the new hire should be exposed to.  Develop a training curriculum for each new hire as their skills, knowledge and work experiences will differ.  Schedule check point meetings during the first few weeks to gather feedback from the new hire and modify the orientation as needed. By actively listening you can obtain a significant amount of valuable information.  

The investment you make in New Employee Orientation sets the tone for the relationship between you and the new employee.  Make sure your “Welcome Mat” communicates clearly to new employees that you are excited to have them onboard.  Likewise, it demonstrates you are committed to assimilating them into the organization.