Talent Management

Professional Reputation, competent, skilled, reliable, qualified, knowledgeable, talented and credible

Building Your Professional Reputation

Becoming a leader does not come as a result of a new business title, nor does it come merely from developing a strong expertise. Learning and growing as a person to perfect your professional reputation is just as important as growing and developing your business skills. As Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric said, “Before…

Employee Termination

Breaking Up is Hard to Do – Releasing An Employee

Who are you helping by retaining the employee that is struggling to perform? Are you impacting the other employees that are pulling more weight due to a peer that is not performing?  Is the business meeting the expectations of your customers who may be receiving less than optimal service? Are you hampering your career path…

Employee Taking Flight

Are Your Top Performers Taking Flight?

Make your top talent a priority!  Retention of your strong performers significantly impacts your bottom line. When a top performer turns in their resignation it is too late! Top performers need to know that they are valued, and you need to know what they value.  These top performers often seek emotional compensation in addition to financial compensation.   Emotional compensation is a…