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Yoga Pants And A Good Headset Required

You have decided Remote Work is for you. You’ve traded in your business suit for yoga pants, canceled your parking spot, and joined a local gym.  You are self-motivated and goal-oriented. You are ready to transition from working in the office to working from home. How hard can it be? William Arruda shared that “most individuals…

Remote Working girl is ecstatic

Is Remote Work For You? You Be The Judge

Are you contemplating a change from an on-site work environment to remote work?  If so, you will want to evaluate if remote work is a good fit for you personally, your professional skills, and your work preferences. It is great for some but can be disastrous for others. Remote work has various names: flex schedule, off-site…

How deep is your talent bench

How Deep Is The Bench In Your Organization?

The NFL Draft every year identifies the top talent available for consideration. Much like a manager vies for their top talent in the marketplace, the NFL teams select their recruits. After arriving at the team headquarters the young, inexperienced players are not left to their own devices. Instead a regimented program introduces them to the…