Year: 2018

Retain Talent

Stay Interview Process – Your Crystal Ball

Have you ever been caught by surprise when a key member of your team suddenly submitted their resignation? Unfortunately, this scenario plays out all too often in today’s competitive work environment. It is too late to try to retain top talent when they are handing in their resignation.   Everyone in the company feels the impact when this…

What Does Your Employee Welcome Mat Look Like?

A well-executed New Employee Orientation communicates a robust welcome to your new hires. Equally as important, it provides a framework for each new hire to gain the knowledge and experiences they will need to be successful in their position. Early Investment Produces Long Term Results New Employee Orientation requires your commitment as the Manager. Investing time and…

Listening Communicates A Great Deal

Listening “Communicates” A Great Deal To Your Employees

Employees are the most valuable resource of any organization.  Effective communication between managers and staff is essential to provide a positive and productive workplace.  Having a culture that encourages all employees to openly provide feedback, ideas, suggestions, updates on projects or even ask for assistance is healthy for business. Effective Communication Provides Value Effective communication in all its…